Charging hydraulic accumulators with nitrogen

We provides services for charging accumulators with nitrogen.

To perform work on the charging accumulator need the following information:

  •     Pressure charging / refueling;
  •     The volume of the accumulator;
  •     Mounting dimensions of the battery fitting

(Need to look in the documentation connecting thread sizes or to measure these dimensions, it is desirable to photograph the appearance of the union)

This information is necessary in order to be able to guarantee hydraulic accumulator connected to the charger, and to calculate the required volume of the nitrogen and accordingly the cost of refilling.

Note that the battery fitting accumulators can be structurally different. To connect the charger using the appropriate adapter.


Our equipment and adapter kit provides charging accumulators from the following manufacturers: Hydac, Bosch Rexroth, Parker, Olaer, and other manufacturers.

Filling accumulators can be made without removing them from the equipment (the equipment must be switched off, the pressure in the hydraulic system should be omitted).

Our experts are ready to leave for your enterprise for work.

Occasionally encountered in that after charging the accumulator pressure therein drops for several weeks, and sometimes faster. This may be leaking gas valve.

In this case, the solution is the replacement of the valve.


The pressure in the gas accumulator cavity and, if necessary, it is necessary to perform charging with nitrogen periodically since if the gas pressure in the accumulator is lower than recommended by the equipment manufacturer — this leads to an increase in the load on the pumping unit and the drive, pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic system and increases its rate of wear. This also tends to reduce the dynamic characteristics of the equipment.

Usually, manufacturers recommend to perform pressure control annually. With the manufacturer’s maintenance can be found in the operating instructions for your equipment.

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