Modernization of test equipments

RI Cross Technology Ltd offers solutions for modernization and construction of test benches.

This equipment can be produced by different manufacturers: Schenck, MTS, Instron, Servo Test, etc.


The modernization is possible :

  • Provide the test stand sensors, instruments, devices and systems that extend its functionality;
  • Set the master controller, which provides the ability to manage the test stand, collect and process information about loading parameters and measurement information;
  • Set to the operator specialized software that provides easy computer interface, control the operating parameters, analyzing information, storing information on your PC, automated preparation of reports on the test results.

We specialize in upgrading test stands for measuring the mechanical parameters and values: strength, displacement, strain , torque , vibration parameters , etc.

RI Cross Technology Ltd offers a full range of services related to maintenance of the hydraulic test stands:

  •     Replacement of filters, oil, high pressure hoses, flushing system
  •     Charging the accumulator with nitrogen
  •     Adjustment and repair of servo
  •     Repair of hydraulic and pumps

The modernization of the test rig usually rises when the existing stand obsolete and fail to meet the requirements. There are two solutions :

  •     Buy new stand
  •     Upgrade existing

When selecting a particular option should be aware that usually test stands are unique and made ​​to order, in accordance with that obtained from the customer specifications. In this regard, the high cost of such equipment .

The modernization is usually solved two major problems:

  •     Modernization of control system test bed and measurement system — through the installation of modern programmable controller and data acquisition system
  •     Modernization of the power section of the test stand (drives , hydraulic systems , actuators , pumping stations , etc.). Very often the test bench actuators require ordinary maintenance or repair .


If the power unit is operable, or requires maintenance and can be restored, modernization is the most effective solution.

This is due to the fact that in modern test benches cost of the power unit (loading system , auxiliary equipment, metal , etc.) may be substantially higher or comparable to the cost of measuring the stand.

RI Cross Technology Ltd offers solutions for the modernization of test benches and in the development and manufacture of stands , in accordance with the terms of the Customer.

Modernization of technically sophisticated equipment such as test stands, requires an individual approach and solutions -oriented challenges facing the customer. We are focused on joint work on these problems and strive to find the most effective and expedient solution that best meets our customer.

RI Cross Technology Ltd mainly focused on solutions for:

  •     Aerospace industry (measuring deformation parameters , torque , pressure, temperature , etc.)
  •     Automotive industry (stands for testing gear , engine , braking devices , etc.)
  •     Shipbuilding (pitching stands , chains , etc.)
  •     Rail transport (loading of structural elements , measurement points , etc.)
  •     General-purpose solutions (stands for testing of gearboxes , pumps, cylinders , valves)

We are also ready to offer solutions for other directions and objectives.

One of our strengths is the ability to offer a solution directly to your needs , allowing you to meet the acceptable price limits when necessary as a solution.

  •     Equipment and controllers
  •     Software Development