Software Development

Almost any experiment, any measurement requires the ability to process and store the results, the possibility to compare and evaluate. Today, these problems are solved by software.postprocessing

In 2013 specialists RI Cross Technology Ltd was developed mobile measuring system for measuring vehicle parameters characterizing their mobility, dynamic performance characteristics of the power supply and start the engine, as well as providing the ability to measure the parameters of terrain.

Specialized software for the automatic reconfiguration of the system for five different types of tests. Was also developed software package allows you to perform a «fast» post-processing the results of measurements and provides the operator with an opportunity in the field using the computing power of the system perform statistical and spectral analysis, to plot samples for the given parameters, move the cursor on the graph area to limit the length of the analyzed samples, the possibility to apply filtering the signal and, if necessary, save the results to file.

Test-crossAt the beginning of 2012 RI Cross Technology Ltd acquired a specialized software NI LabView Developer Suit (National Instruments), including programming package realtime controllers and FPGA module and reporting MS Excel and MS Word.

Using this software in conjunction with real-time controllers, from National Instruments and solutions from Phoenix Contact has allowed the company to develop and offer the latest hardware and software solution for upgrading testing machines «Schenck».

The developed solution provides the ability to manage multiple independent testing machines connecting to the network controllers manage Ethernet, the ability to control the loading cycle with a frequency of up to 100Hz, and the ability to test the fatigue strength — up to 10^6 or more cycles of loading .

AIGES-crossIn 2012, the RI Cross Technology Ltd developed a cross-platform solution AEGIS Crosstech DB connection, providing the ability to automatically save measurement data in a single database (Access, Oracle , or MS SQL — by the customer) and the possibility of correlation analysis measurements. Using the developed solutions for industrial applications built around the concept of reliability, the company developed to ensure the stability of the proposed solutions.

In general, it should be noted that the software is unique and the test bench is designed in accordance with the customer’s request.

Software allows us to solve the problem :

  • the collection of experimental data and display them in an appropriate format
  • process control actuators and automatic maintenance settings and conditions
  • pretreatment measurements and display them in a mode on-line during the experiment / test
  • conservation programs and allowing the test to reproduce the experiment.
  • processing of test results / experiment
  • prepare reports on the results of automated testing

RI Cross Technology Ltd develops software in accordance with the terms of the Customer.

It is an effective and cost-effective solution , because allows technical and scientific experts of our customers to focus on the specifics of the problem being solved and transmit the work required by a software implementation of algorithms for experienced programmers.

This approach enables the most effective use of resources and to receive the decision of tasks in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort.

The cost of developing the software used in the educational process in schools is determined by taking into account discounts for existing universities.