Development and manufacturing of test equipment

The test stand allows you to quickly and effectively solve the problem facing the developer.

RI Cross Technology Ltd offers services in the design, manufacture and modernization equipment for:

  •     Different types of mechanical tests ;
  •     Test pumps, cylinders, valves and hydraulic testing;
  •     Testing of fans and compressors;
  •     Testing of electric motors and generators;
  •     Test engine , diesel engines , radiators , gears , shafts, structural elements of the body and the brake system .


We also offer services in :

  •     Software Development;
  •     Modernization of hydraulic test stands and equipment;
  •     Development of design documentation, equipment manufactu ring.

Experience in developing systems and load control actuators of different types allows us to not only provide the necessary measurement parameters, but also to set / maintain the required load in compliance with a given customer test program.


The ability to develop software allows our customers to independently change the required parameters of the test stand, create new test program and save them on your PC for later use.

We develop and produce the mechanical part of the test equipment, measurement systems and software. If necessary, the test stand may be included Telemetry System for contactless data transmission (e.g. when tested gear).


We also offers services for the maintenance and repair of the hydro-mechanical test benches.

Practice shows that the test equipment — a costly process, and at the same time, leading manufacturers to make the high financial and time costs in order to ensure product quality.

This is due to the fact that in case of delay detection drawbacks, i.e. when production is already running in the series and went on sale, the loss can be disproportionately, sometimes tens or hundreds of times more.

RI Cross Technology Ltd develops test benches of various types. We believe that well-designed and built test rig can significantly reduce the costs of our customer.

This is due to the following factors:

  • Reducing the time required for testing. The product will go faster and faster in the series will make a profit . Reduce the time , money, energy and effort of employees to carry out tests . (The test stand can work 20-30 years , there are many cases where a test stand worked 40-60 years. At this time perspective unproductive cash forces of labor and time play a significant role).
  • Properly chosen and well -designed test rig design allows testing of the product in all modes and all circumstances that interest the customer , thus avoiding unpleasant surprises in the process of production and operation. It is for this reason important joint elaboration of technical specifications customer specialists and experts RI Cross Technology Ltd.
  • The main objective of any test is to collect technical information about the product and its properties. To solve this problem requires not only set the parameters and loading conditions, but also to ensure the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the measured parameters as well as the convenience of its further processing. These tasks are solved by measuring complex and software test bench. Indeed, the information collected is necessary to send the developers, designers, technologists, production, and therefore it must be converted into a convenient and readable format all .

When testing should be possible to cut noise and interference tests to monitor the process, ask the test program, and much, much more.

To solve these problems are important: competent selection of measuring equipment (appropriate quality and with the appropriate parameters), the integration of this equipment into a single measurement system that meets the requirements of the Technical Specifications and development of software solutions, as appropriate to the tasks and requirements of specifications.

It should be understood that a reliable and working testbed saves a lot of money and ultimately — significantly increase the profits of the enterprise.

  • Controllers and equipment
  • Software Development