Repair of hydraulic and pumps

In 85% of cases develop their hydroelectric resource is less than half!

In enterprise-wide, this leads to substantial financial costs.


There are several typical causes of failure of hydraulic and pumps, they have mechanical and electrical nature.

Let us examine them in detail.

Mechanical failure may include:

  1. Failure of the seals
  2. Worn bearings
  3. Wear the gear unit (coupling transmits the rotation from the motor to the pump)
  4. Wear parts pumping unit

Electrical damage include:

  • Failure of the motor
  • Faults electronics

It is obvious that the cost of seals, bearings and couplings is ten times lower than the cost of a new power station and their replacement is justified.

Justifiable (under certain conditions) may also be pumping unit and replacement in the event of mechanical wear of its components.

It is often faced with the fact that expensive equipment is written off due to the fact that it is impossible to run out of order electronics.

Even in the event of failure of the electric motor is much cheaper and easier to replace it than to buy a new hydroelectric station.

Profitable and expedient solution is to machine diagnostics and repair.