Replacement filters, oil and high pressure hoses

Oil as a hydraulic fluid test equipment and drives are commonly used liquid-based mineral oils (according to DIN 51524, DIN 51525). The viscosity in the operating temperature range (40 — 60 C) must be from 15 to 45 mm2 / s.

Over time, the oil is aging and loses its properties, the same thing happens with the mechanical work or overheating, which affects the operation of valves and the hydraulic system as a whole.


In order to maintain the normal functioning of the hydraulic system manufacturers recommend oil change and hydraulic washing at intervals of 4-6 years.

High pressure hoses (HPH)

Ages not only oil. On hydraulic machines, comprising hydraulic systems are widely used reinforced flexible high pressure hose made of rubber and other polymer materials. Normal service life of such hoses as 5-6 years.
Keep in mind that the operating pressure in hydraulic testing machines is 280 bar. and the safety of personnel depends on the degree of wear and reliability.


In terms of mechanical impurities contained in the system, the following patterns: solid particles remaining in the system after the machining or assembly (replacing hoses, and the like), as well as falling into it when filling oil or air, is circulated through the system . At the same time they get to the landing clearances hydraulic components.

The particles whose size corresponds to the size of the gap between the moving parts are the main cause abrasion: by acting simultaneously on both surfaces they lead to abrasion of moving parts and cause additional pollution attrition.


Large particles can not penetrate into the gaps and overlap (clog) orifice.

Fine particles — pass freely into the gaps.

The higher operating pressure — the more dangerous the damaging effects of the first and second types of particles.

For this reason, in hydraulics high demands on the purity of the working fluid.

A very simple rule of thumb: The higher the purity of the working fluid, the more the life of system components.

For this reason, after replacing the hoses and other components of the hydraulic system, oil — always the same flushing system.