Bulletin of the Academy of Military Science

The article describes the use of a measuring complex made RI Cross Technology Ltd on the technical task One of research Institute Defense Ministry of Russia for the characterization of samples of armored vehicles (armored vehicles).

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Measuring system, which explains in an article is an example of mobility solutions manufactured RI Cross Technology Ltd,  providing registration information received from the sensors mounted on armored vehicles the test sample, or the test vehicle.

The article representatives research Institute Defense Ministry of Russia considered issues of material-technical and metrological maintenance of tests regarding the mobility and energy supply of weapons and military equipment with modern hardware and software production RI Cross Technology Ltd.

The complex has 60 measuring channels, grouped in software for evaluation of the following characteristics of samples BTVT:

  1.  Smooth running;
  3. Dynamism;
  4. Power balance and quality of electric power;
  5. Patency.

The measurement can be used specialized software solutions RI Cross Technology Ltd that let you perform data analysis or standard solutions Excel.

The measuring system is designed to work in the field and able to work when powered by an onboard network of the vehicle, or 220V.