Mobile Solutions

We developed specialized hardware and software solution that provides the ability to multi-channel measurement of dynamic performance of vehicles.

In October of 2014. Representatives NIITs BT FGBI «3 CRI Defense Ministry of Russia» published in the journal «Bulletin of the Academy of Military Sciences» №4 of 2014. an article that discusses the possibility of using described below in tests measuring complex of armored vehicles and weapons.

The system provides the ability to measure the parameters of speed, vibration, tilt and angular velocity of the vehicle, measured electrical parameters on-board network, the parameters of pressure, temperature, position controls.

Sampling frequency set by the operator sensor in the range of 5 Hz to 1000 Hz. Data is stored in table format in Excel. In the case of long-term tests with high sample rates software provides automatic creation of a new file with the same name and the next sequence number to avoid exceeding the maximum number of points in the file.


The operator interface is implemented on a Tablet PC in a secure execution.

The complex is protected and it can be used in a temperature range from -20C to + 40C, in humid conditions and vibration.

The system includes an angular velocity sensor, optical sensors passing mark, providing switch recording options during the passage of reflective markers, optical linear encoder capable of measuring progress roller / wheels of the vehicle, the sensors angle relative to the vertical axis, and others.

Датчик хода катка

The figure shows the optical linear displacement sensor. The sensor allows measuring the movement distances in the range from 30 cm to 2 m, the measurement accuracy of 0.5 mm, and allows measuring the distance to the moving of the rotating object (wheel).

датчики угла наклона

For measuring the angle of inclination of the vehicle used inclinometers current output, see. Fig.

To install the sensor measuring wheel speed of the vehicle was designed and constructed special equipment, which protects the sensor from adverse environmental conditions and the possibility of mechanical damage as well as providing the ability to install the sensor on the rotating wheel.

датчик оборотов

Measuring movement of vehicle controls was carried out by means of wire-linear encoder.

тросиковые датчики измерения органов управления

For the convenience of working with a complex operator interface is implemented in the form of five software modules corresponding to the five types of test vehicle (according to TOR). Operator selection of a particular type of tests automatically reconfigures the measuring system according to the selected task.

Also, the complex solution was incorporated postprocessing measurements providing capabilities:

  •     Statistical analysis
  •     Spectral analysis
  •     Signal filtering
  •     The sampling, data visualization, multiplication by a polynomial function and other features